Thermal Dynamics item filter ignoring blacklist



I'm running a Direwolf20 2.3.0 (Minecraft 1.12.2, and Forge server with matching mods on my client. Below are the mod versions for CoFH on my server, in case there's any known issues:

CoFH Core -
CoFH World -
Thermal Cultivation -
Thermal Dynamics -
Thermal Expansion -
Thermal Foundation -
Thermal Innovation -

For background, in case that's affecting this in anyway:
1. I have a crate that I deposit ore in after a mining run.
2. The ore is pulled through a servo and goes to my pulverizers and then to my redstone furnaces.
3. The finished ingots will travel through the itemducts and into a storage area, with a dedicated crate for each ingot.
4. Each crate has a basic item filter on it that whitelists only ingots designated for that crate
5. 4 crates are set up for overflow or general storage, with a reinforced item filter blacklisting all of the ingots that have a dedicated crate

This set up works perfectly, except for Iron, Copper, and Silver ingots, which will completely ignore the blacklist I have set up for overflow items. All the ingots are Thermal Foundation.

I've tried various combinations of enabling/disabling Metadata, NBT, and Ore Dictionary, but nothing will prevent these 3 ingot types from passing through.

Here's the filter I have set up:

Placing the filter on the other side doesn't make a difference.

Here is the set up of the filter itself:

And as you can see, the ingots are making it through this, and into the next chest to the right


Any suggestions/help is appreciated. I can provide more info as needed.


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Nov 24, 2021
A bit late IK but I also had this issue so I thought I would share what I found online.
Filters need to be connected to an inventory for either input or outputs.

Also, an issue in addition for this for me, using ALL vacuum ducts seem to ignore filter regardless of anything.