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There's no item called xxxx

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Scalion, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Scalion

    Scalion New Member

    I'm trying to use a object from ftb but every time i have this message :
    there's no item called (Block ID).

    I'm using Bukkit server so i can use voxel sniper on the mindcrack pack.
  2. TheSandwichMakr

    TheSandwichMakr New Member

    If you don't have the mods also installed on the bukkit server then you wont be able to use them. I'm not sure if anyone has ported any of the mods to bukkit yet though.
  3. Scalion

    Scalion New Member

    Hmmm i'm not so sure how everything work, so here what i'm trying to achieve :

    I have a map where i used voxelsniper/worledit, my friend talk me about FTB and i realy enjoy how easy it is, i played a while in another server.
    So now i'm trying to go back in my old personnal map and use voxelsniper + FTB, with a little preference to mindcrack pack.

    How do i mix all that stuff ?
  4. TheSandwichMakr

    TheSandwichMakr New Member

    I don't think voxelsniper works with forge unless someone has ported the bukkit api to forge, so you probably cannot unfortunately :(
  5. Scalion

    Scalion New Member

    I never understood what is Forge or API, seem like 2 different code, i tought it was java
    Why do we have those 2 different "code" (or what ever it is) ?
  6. TheSandwichMakr

    TheSandwichMakr New Member

    An API is something that allows coders to interface with other things such as mods interfacing with minecraft. Forge is a minecraft modding API, bukkit is a serverside minecraft modding API. They both exist since each has its different uses, bukkit is meant for admin purposes to make servers easier to manage without the users installing any mods while forge is to modify gameplay. Java is the programming language minecraft, forge, bukkit, etc. are written in. You can't install both bukkit and forge at the same time since they both modify various files in the main minecraft file. I hope this made sense to you.
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  7. Scalion

    Scalion New Member

    Thank you very much for clarifying !
  8. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    Just FYI. This is actually being done. Look up the bukkitforge project. However, last time I checked, Voxel Sniper didn't work with it.
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