TheLunarHydra - gamer, coder, and pack maker



Hello there.
I'm LunarHydra. Also know as TheLunarHydra. And _TheLunarHydra_ ingame.

I'm just your (sort of) average gamer who plays modded minecraft. I have played Minecraft since version 1.0, and been playing modded since 1.6.4. Just made a forums account here, though.

Since I have a low-end PC, I don't stream/record or anything. I just do small modpacks. I actually have a build journal started on ATLauncher's Bytesize modpack if you want to check that out.

I also do code sometimes. I know LUA, and I used to do Java. I did make some terrible mods that had bad graphics. They worked at least :p

I used to do HTML as a hobby as well. Don't do that anymore.

The only reason I still even program is because of ComputerCraft. I like writing quarry programs, branch mining programs, or just automating stuff with it.

I've sometimes made myself some little custom modpacks, but have never bothered to make them good enough to the point I think people will enjoy them. I may be making and (attempting) to publish a modpack in the near future.

Only other game that I play right now is osu.
I'm too addicted to clicking circles :p

That's me in a nutshell.