The Modded Minecraft Adventure mod-pack

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    hello Friends Its Me CodyGaming and i am here with a crazy craft mod-pack that is custom and really crazy! That's right modded minecraft adventure is here finally on the FTB launcher!
    description: are you ready to join the craziest modded minecraft adventure ever! if so then try this mod-pack! it has all the mods you need to be able to get a good experience! but there is one rule have fun!

    PackCode: MCAdventure
    MCVersion: 1.7.10
    forge version:

    if you are doing a let's play of the pack! let me know by comment your MC username and the link to the first episode of the pack!

    sorry it was released after the 3rd party pack system closed! but i was too busy to work on it in 2018!

    Coming out in the 1.0.1 update

    Questions and answers
    will it be updated to 1.12.2? answer: probably not!
    can you suggest a mod? answer: you can! just write the mod name, id and link to the mod and i will have a review and see if it is compatible with the pack!

    official public mod-pack release
    Giving archive to people in comments
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