The IC2exp HV transformer in direwolf20...


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Jul 29, 2019
The IC2exp energy system has been in beta for a very long time now and for the most part all the documented - and historical IC2 - limits do not exist.

Nonetheless, I strive to build a EU network that would not blow up and would convert power correctly.

Most of it is quite easy to grok, but the transformers in step down mode are somewhat confusing... The wiki says this about the HV transformer:

  • If redstone power is not applied, it consumes 2048 EU in any packet size and converts them into up to four 512 EU/p. All conversions are limited to one per tick. (Converting 2048 EU into 4x512 EU is considered one conversion.)

My concern is, 4 512EU/t packets ... looks very much like 2048EU is going to traverse the output cable in the next tick.
This means I need to use an HV cable (2048EU/t) on the output of this thing?

How do I "safely" transmit that power over gold (512EU/t) cables? It seems the most pragmatic way to step the power down is to feed it directly into ... 1 to 4 MFE's.

The MFE wiki page says this:

"It can accept up to 512 EU/t from its 5 input faces and output 512 EU/t from its output face."

My reading of this is, the HV transformer will generate 4 512EU/t packets from its 2048 EU/t input packet. If I have a single MFE connected via a single face, it should accept just one of the 512EU/t packets.

What is the intended, and current, IC2exp behaviour:
Would I loose the remaining 1.5kEU?
or will the HV transformer buffer the excess that could not be accepted and send it over the next 3 ticks?

It seems that, to comply with the implied restrictions, I need to use HV cable between the HV transformer output and at least 4 of the MFE's input faces. This will keep the cable, and MFE input restrictions. Of course, a single MFE can only transmit 512EU/t anyway, so once it has buffered up it will only accept 1 512EU packet per tick anyway


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Jul 29, 2019
Well, depending on whether you're designing for the old or new system would determine what would happen.

If you were looking at the old system, the 1 2048 EU packet would get split up into 4 512 EU packets, which would all go into the MFE.

With the new system, and what was worked out from when it still had explosions, the 2048 EU would get buffered in the transformer, and 512 EU would be sent out once every 4 ticks (providing there was only 1 output cable, otherwise the 2048 EU would be split to each cable, with no cable receiving more than 512 EU per tick), then the transformer would request another 2048 EU. Bearing in mind Player's tinkered with the new system since, so it might well have changed, but I think it still buffers the 2048 EU in the transformer and splits the output.