The Erebus - Journey to 1.10.2 [recruitment thread]


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Jul 29, 2019
Hello lads and lasses!

It has been an incredibly long time but I have finally rediscovered my love for Minecraft, and therefore I have decided to continue development on the Erebus mod.

Now, the situation is as follows: life catches up to each and every one of us, and I am sad to say the old team somewhat fell apart due to this. Chylex (of Hardcore Ender Expansion fame) has long lost his motivation, Gany (known from Gany's Overworld, etc.) is currently doing other things and our dearest Dave/vadis365 has become rather burnt out due to the above two and myself going on hiatus for a long time.

That said, let bygones be bygones, so I'm back on track to turn the Erebus mod into what we've always wanted it to become.

The goals

First of all, the main goal is to port the mod to 1.10.2, obviously.

That said, some other improvements are, in my opinion, much needed:
- General cleanup of redundant features.
- Partial rework of the Antlion dungeon to live up to its fantasy better.
- Rewriting the Ant Farm system to function smoothly.
- Rework of the mount system.

So, the gist of it

I am looking for motivated and skilled modders who would enjoy taking part in a project like the Erebus, focusing on exploration and adventure moreso than on endless automation (though the former most certainly does not exclude the latter).

If you are interested, shoot me a PM!
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andrew low

hey i was just wondering if youre still working on this i dont know anything about modding but id love to see this mod updated