The Botanist: Updates, Requests, and Ideas! Pre-Inf code is: thebotanist

Discussion in 'Modpack Creation' started by Theopenlink22, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Us in the P1NationGaming Team are now creating a modpack called The Botanist. It will be heavily based and centered with the mod Botania by Vazkii. It will be a natural magic and natural in general modpack, the first in the going to be trilogy. This will be a skyblock modpack. We will post updates and information in this thread. If you have any requests for mods, which I will post the list of mods we have so far below, please tell us.
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    The map so far, it is a pretty nice sized map because this will be softcore. A casual modpack.
    There is a Jaded Amaranthus spawning in Botania flowers with a quarter full mana pool, mana spreader,and a single daybloom.
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  4. LinkOcarinaTime

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    Looks interesting...
  5. JazParks

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    Keen to help if you need it.
    Love the idea.
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    I can't wait for this pack and am willing to help with anything. Just pm me.
    So Excited!

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