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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Scum, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Scum

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    So I've recently started playing around with Thaumcraft. I have Basic Transmutation, Tin Transmutation, and Iron Transmutation. I know that tin isn't usually there, so it must have been added by a mod. That makes me wonder, is there any way to get precious materials (iridium, platinum, diamonds) through transmutation? I don't want to know the research, just if there is a way.

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  2. Democretes

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    As of right now, no. The transmutations in Thaumcraft aren't meant to be particularly useful. They're more of a last ditch effort for a couple ingots you need but don't have and you don't feel like mining.
  3. Celestialphoenix

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    You can only make the base metals, and its kinda inefficient method of making them. Diamonds can be manufactured from coal, or transmuted with minium stone

    As you have gregtech, you can make iridium from platinium/shiny dust.

    shiny dust and any base metal can be cut with rich slag for extra ingots.
    (2 metal powder and 1 slag makes 3 ingots in the induction smelter. Rich slag is made a a byproduct of smelting raw ores+sand in the induction smelter)
  4. Omicron

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    Thaumcraft provides these extra transmutations for mod ores itself, it's not done by an addon. They only show up if these ores are actually generated in the world, though.

    Silver, tin, copper and lead are available as of 3.0.1c.

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