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Thaumcraft research

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Herrozerro, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Herrozerro

    Herrozerro Active Member


    I don't know if I am having an issue or if there is a step i am missing but I seem to have hit a brick wall in the research dept.

    I have researched all the way to the theory of everything and all of the visible items, and a lot of the invisible items. (infurnal furnace, arcane bellows, etc..) I have done the golem accessories with knowledge fragments but now fragments are just turning reverting back to their fragments and not giving me anything.

    I have checked the wiki and there seems to be a lot of items I have not gotten yet, for instance the elemental shovel says it just needs the wand of excavation. I have that and I have wasted several stacks of dirt and a tonne of tools trying to get the solum or instrumentium to give me anything.

    Am I going about in the wrong way? Do these things need knowledge fragments? do i need to be using higher quality items? My mod version is 3.0.1c, im running direwolf20v4. Am I at the end of what's available in this version?

  2. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering Active Member

    You can't get it with 3.0.1. The elemental shovel and other tools, along with the new thaumcraft enchants are added with Thaumcraft 3.0.2 (along with many other new items). Either update to direwolf v5 or download thaumcraft yourself to continue with your research.
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  3. Herrozerro

    Herrozerro Active Member

    alright! thanks!

    Good straight forward answer.

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