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Thaumcraft 6 - can't progress in Eldritch

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Anton_, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Anton_

    Anton_ Guest

    Long post cos of lots of images =- sorry.

    I can't get further in Alchemical Metallurgy, and that's holding up my progress in Eldritch. I'd be grateful if anyone can point me at what I need to do to finish Alchemical Metallurgy.

    I noticed several weeks ago that the Alchemical Metallurgy icon in the Alchemy tab of the Thaumonomicon was flashing, as if suggesting that I had something more to do, and mouseovering showed the message "Current stage: 3/3" - which kinda sounded like I'd done it all.

    At the time that didn't seem to cause a problem, so I ignored it. Also, the text said I had gone as far as I could. I'd gone through all the tabs down the right, and scrupulously made all the items.

    After a short break from Thaumcraft, I started on Causality Collapsers and collapsed a few rifts, gaining 30-odd Void seeds.

    The sub-processes involved with making the Causality Collapsers raised local flux and with it my warp.
    [​IMG] (It's a bit higher now, since I spawned in a few Cultist Clerics/Knights and Eldritch Gaurdians and just kinda hung out with them for a bit, but not at the top yet.)

    My research doesn't seem to me to be wanting. I've also read the Crimson Rites (a few times) and got some research points for that too.
    (This is also a bit higher since the screenshot, but not hugely.)

    Since all this, my Thaumonomicon now shows a 7th tab, Eldritch (see below), and Fundamentals has some new icons. Clicking on one of the new ones wanted me to scan something from the void, and my shiny new Void seeds seemed to satisfy that, so that I could complete. There were no new actions/research/discoveries shown as required - just tantalising text about the Crimson Cult, Eldritch Guardian, Crimson Rites, and Delving into the Eldritch.

    Also, the Alchemy tab now shows a Void Metal Essentia Smelter, but mouseovering that says I'm missing research in Void seeds.

    The Eldritch tab has only one entry, Void seeds, and it says I haven't finished Alchemical Metallurgy.


    I'm getting mind spiders spawning around me, and Crimson portals opening up near me, with Crimson chaps popping in for a visit, even though I'm all out of cucumber sandwiches.

    I'm at an impasse. Where do I go from here?
  2. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Are you pretty sure its even possible to progress past that point? TC is still in fairly heavy development, and last I checked (month or two ago) there were still blockers in the eldritch progression.
  3. Anton_

    Anton_ Guest

    No, I'm not sure - but what I've seen suggests that it should be possible now? Given that the Eldritch tab has now appeared, and Void seeds can be obtained, and the void metal smelter is shown as available.
  4. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Yep that makes sense. Sadly, I'm way out of the loop so all I could offer was conjecture.
  5. Anton_

    Anton_ Guest

    A friend who is playing the same game on the same server has managed to legitimately complete Alchemical Metallurgy and thus also complete Void seeds in the Eldritch tab.

    Trouble is that we can't identify the step that I'm obviously missing.
  6. Cliff311

    Cliff311 Guest

    I hope im not too late. But if i am, i know what step your missing.

    You need to close a dimenisonal tear using this item.

    There is a "right way" and a "OMG THAT WAS THE WRONG WAY" of doing it. Either way, the rift will drop your void seeds and (other goodies that will be useful later).

    I promise not to spoil the fun, and by fun i mean the developer of thaumcraft's version of fun. "Absolute power at a cost" .... i recommend doing this far away from your base of operations...
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