Thaumcraft 4.2: Getting All Aspects into a single node?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Proaxel, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Proaxel

    Proaxel New Member

    Hello... So I'm trying to make it so that I have an Energized Aura Node that's able to charge all 6 aspects of my wand.
    The Energized node I have has 3 of the 6 aspects... but I want all 6. Because that's the best!
    What is the best and most efficient way of getting all 6 Aspects into one node?
    I've thought of deactivating my node's Transducer and have it bully out with other nodes with my missing aspects, however the last thing I want to do is damage my node down to Fading... It's already been damaged down to Pale from the jar I used to bring it to my base.
  2. Nezraddin

    Nezraddin New Member

    Well best would be finding a node and make it assimilate other nodes before you use the transducer I think. (I made sure my node for it had assimilated all aspects before I made it into an energized one).
    Don't forget that you can use alot of the aura nodes with compound-aspects for it. (like Victus will be turned into Aqua+Terra when the node gets energized).

    The general idea I think is, to make sure you have the node just as you want it before you change it into the energized form.
  3. Proaxel

    Proaxel New Member

    Huh, so that means I kinda rushed it in too fast, and that I should've did node bullying before I made it energized?
    Well shoot, lesson learned, when you think of doing something, do the research first. :p

    Also now that I think of it I realized I made another mistake as well. I totally forgot that new rule, in which when you put a node in jar, it will no longer regenerate past what it has when you put it.
    The node i'm using for my energized one... When I first got it in a jar, I drained it down till there was one of each aspect in there, and then I put it in the jar... so those 3 aspects will never regenerate past 1 :confused:
    What's the best way to handle my situation right now? Should I just deactivate the transducer, break the node, and start over again?
  4. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    The pragmatic solution is, explore your world for interesting looking nodes with compound aspects and Ignis. When you find one, work out what base aspects go into the compounds that are present - as the energized node will have the corresponding base aspects. If you find a Fabrico + Ignis node (for example) would be perfect, as fabrico breaks down (Eventually) into Aer, Aqua, Terra, Ordo and Perdito - i.e. everything except Ignis.

    (A property it shares with Meto, Pannus, Lucrum, Machine, Messis, Telum, Tutamen, Instrumentum, Perfodio, Humanus, Corpus, Cognito and Sensus).

    Bottle, move and energize this node for a quick arcane workbench power system.

    If you can find a node with one of the above compounds, and one (smaller) node with ignis then take both nodes home, place them within 4 blocks of each other and the ignis node in a node stabilizer with a redstone switch. Let the large node bully the ignis node until the ignis node is close to depleted, flick the switch to activate the node stabilizer and let it recharge fully. Repeat until the larger node has sufficient ignis.

    Alternatively, if you play on a server / have chunkloaders / time (lots) to burn: go out and bottle 4 to 9 nodes containing a mix of primal aspects. Concentrate on bottling bright nodes until you have one large(ish) bright node in a bottle.
    Construct a 7x7x7 (interior) room, place the bright node in the center with the remaining 3 to 8 nodes in the corners. The bright node goes in an advanced node stabilizer if it is not (initially) the largest.
    Let it stew until all the primal aspects on the central node are in the low 100's at least.
    Then energize it to get at least 10cv/t in all aspects.

    Some rules:
    1. The cv/t of each aspect is the integer truncated square root of the aspect capacity. e.g. A node with 120aer will produce 10cv/t aer.
    2. When multiple compounds provide the same aspect (and/or that aspect already exists on the node) only the largest contributor counts. i.e. a 50 Victus, 40 Terra node will energize to 7 aqua, 7 terra as the largest Terra contributor is 50.
    3. Bright nodes get a 20% boost to their capacity in calculations. So a 120Aer bright node counts as sqrt(144), to produce 12 cv/t (rather than the 10cv/t above). (Similarly pale nodes get a 20% penalty).
    4. For all practical purposes, 5cv/t can recharge a wand as fast as it can be recharged and is more than enough for the other vis powered devices. As such any node with at least 25 in all the relevant aspects is sufficient.
    5. Who settles for sufficient. Make it huuuuge!

    ps. This advice no longer holds for Thaumcraft 4.2.* as various high tier aspects no include Ignis. This means you no longer need an Ignis + compound node - almost any high tier compound will do.
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  5. Proaxel

    Proaxel New Member

    It's a good idea, but the problem is, Fabrico and Bright Nodes are definitely not the most common thing in the world, plus the very low chance of bottling a node without damaging it...
  6. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    I did not recommend looking at only fabrico nodes - there are at least 20 compound aspects that cover 4 or more of the primals.
    I certainly did not recommend trying to find a bright compound node - that would be crazy.

    However, if you are building a all-the-primals super node, you do have a lot more opportunity to concentrate on bottling bright nodes in preference until you get at least one undamaged.
  7. Proaxel

    Proaxel New Member

    Alright, thanks... I'll try to see what I can do.
    I do have another question though...
    I kind of have this annoying issue where the my Energized Node would just randomly disconnect from its closest Vis Relay. Once it disconnects, it will never connect again unless I break and replace the relay. It happens quite often too.
    Is that a bug, or am miserably missing something here?
  8. Proaxel

    Proaxel New Member

    I was exploring a quite huge cave system when I found something you don't really see everyday. At least IMO...
    It was a node with four(!) primal aspects all at once, 3 of which are the aspects I am missing.

    I'm thinking of bottling the new node (After letting it recharge, of course) , shutting off the transducer for my existing node, and have that be eaten my new node.
    Is that the best way to do it?
    Also I don't really care much about making a huge fancy node, I just care about getting all 6 aspects into it and having just enough CV for all my needs.

    I still have that Vis Relay problem I mentioned above, btw.
  9. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    There is a lot of micromanagement required when feeding a single node to a bully.

    Each random tick the bully node can choose to drain a point of vis Or recharge an aspect or (much rarer) reduce an aspect cap on the victim or grow it's own cap. The trick is - the common event - draining a point of vis - will quickly destroy a node when it gets drained to empty.

    So. You really need to put the new node in a node stabilizer with a red stone lever so you can choose to feed the node only when it is relatively full.

    I am way too lazy and outright in attentive to get this process right which is why I always feed a bully at least 3 victims at once. This gives the victims a chance to recharge between drain events so they last - and contribute- much longer.

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