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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by liltasman, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. liltasman

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    So my friends of mine and I are running a FTB server with the Tech World 2 (Version 1.1.2) modpack, and we noticed that UU-Matter is missing in its physical form that we know (to craft things). In creative and in the crafting menu to look up recipes, we see the symbol but it says, "Universal Usable Amplifier", and not UU matter. It isn't just renamed either, because we spawned some in as well and it didn't make anything. Is it disabled by default or is there something else we need to do? We have the Mass Fabricator but it makes a liquid form of UU-Matter and we don't know how to use it. I'm pretty sure we don't have GregTech because there is no Matter Fabricator, but i may be wrong
    Any help is appreciated!
    - Nick
  2. MoosyDoosy

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    UU matter did change so that it's liquid now. You know have to pump the UU matter from the Mass Fabricator into the Replicator in order to be able to replicate items. The Replicator will then use EU and the UU matter to replicate items. Remember you should have a Pattern Storage and Scanner lined up with your Replicator so that you can read patterns from your Pattern Storage.
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  3. liltasman

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    Thanks! We're working on making them now. This is the first time i've heard of any of these, why are they not on the Wiki? For example, the Scanner isn't on the Wiki at all.
  4. MoosyDoosy

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    IC2 has become a very stagnant mod and most of the focus on mods has moved away from it. As a result, no one really wants to put the effort into making documentation on it. Also note that if you move out of the range of available patterns on the Replicator and Pattern Storage, you will get a crash. It has happened to me multiple times, and I have no idea if the issue has been fixed.
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  5. liltasman

    liltasman New Member

    Thanks for the info. One more question, how do I make patterns and such? I'm clueless, we've got the machines now
  6. Henry Link

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    You need to make a scanner and crystal memory. Provide power to the scanner and insert the item to be scanned (only works with some vanilla and IC2 items). Also insert the crystal memory. If it works (it will take some time), you can save the pattern to the crystal memory.

    Take the crystal memory and place it into the pattern storage block. Place the replicator next to the pattern storage and the replicator will see the stored patterns.
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