Open Server Tech World 2 Server 1.0.3 [Not 1.0.4!]

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Jul 29, 2019
DubTech Tech world 2 1.0.3 ;) (IP :

DubTech is actually a server followed from DubTekk from Tekkit classic!

DubTech is currently hosted by the Owner's Desktop and we will try to get a host as soon as possible!
Right now the server is hosted in Latvia, Europe with 6Gb of ram and i5 CPU.

The server rules are
1.Don't abuse any game flaws
2.Do not grief!
3.Spamming is not allowed
4.Don't use excessive foul languages
5.Don't be mean to other players
6.Please don't beg for items or ranks
7.Have lots of fun! :D

There are some banned items due to their griefing ability or dupes
and also mystcraft is banned because of lag with creating new ages
There is a mining age which is the "Deep Dark"

Hopefully you are pleased with our server! :)
* * *-BALoney2012-* * *

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