TConstruct 74 Damage Cleaver! Also a Sneaky Way of Getting a Lot of Modifiers. |1.7.10|

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by ItsSuperNova, Mar 13, 2017.


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  1. ItsSuperNova

    ItsSuperNova Guest

    Hello! I want to show you my cleaver, which happens to do 74 damage! (Will do less if you have moss or diamond modifiers)

    To accomplish this, you need to have 3 extra mods besides TC, and they are popular enough that most modpacks have them: Iquana's Tinker's Tweaks, Thaumcraft, and Extra Utilities.

    First, you have to make a full magical wooden cleaver, this will give it 8 modifiers 4 for each part, and 4 as a bonus for having all magical wood stuff. Then, you replace everything with Thaumium stuff. This will give it 3 extra modifiers, and somehow not remove the 8 modifiers that are already there. Do not have any manyllyn or any of the like. A thaumium blade with that one modifier of quartz is better than the extra damage from the manyllyn. Also, give the cleaver a nether star, an enchanted golden apple and a diamond block, a gold block and a diamond, and a SOUL fragment from Extra Utilities (this one isn't necessary, but it does give some extra damage). Finally, give it a ball of moss, one diamond/necrotic bone/whatever you feel like, and quartz the rest. If you add the leveling up from Tinker's Tweaks, you will get more modifiers, and add more quartz. I have mine at 1080 quartz.
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  2. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Now that IS interesting! I didn't realise the ExU soul fragment could be used on anything from Tinkers - that's definitely new to me! :)
  3. ItsSuperNova

    ItsSuperNova Guest

    I know you can do it with your own soul fragment, not sure about the "Soul of a Deity" though. That would save 10% of your health if you could.
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  4. Seems interesting. Do you know how much dmg a sword/longsword/cutlass will do?

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