Open Server SZN:Unhinged - Patched Mods - Limited Banned Items - MCMMO - Giveaways + Prizes

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Jul 29, 2019

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Requires FTB Unhinged v1.1.0

Grab the Launcher here

Feed the beast is a very good community that embraces the ideas and fellow mod lovers. The community is very strong, kind and helpful. Please check out their forums here.

Best way to describe our server..



+ Grief Patched
Most grief work arounds have been patched, so you can rest easy that your work will not be looted, Raided, or Griefed.. Provided that you use our Protection Plugin.

+ Grief Prevention
We use Grief Prevention as our Main Plugin to protect and save our player's work since it's relatively easy to use, and well documented. Just right click two areas with a Golden Shovel and you will be protected. Be aware though, there are limited amounts of Protection you can have at the beginning. However, the more you play the more blocks you will be able to claim.

+Community Ready
With our website, players can extend their SZNU experience beyond the game.

+ Prizes, Raffles and Giveaways
Our community will be having giveaways and events where we will be giving out things such as GiftCards, Games, and even Minecraft Merchandise. Best of all, a portion of the money raise on our server will be going to Charities such as AFF, America Red Cross and even Childs play.

Experience FeedTheBeast with the amazing MCmmo plugin. Level your skills to help you advance quicker in the FTB unhinged.

+ Dedicated Staff
Staff truly dedicated to fixing all problems and helping all users.

24 hours, 7 days a week.

+ Lag fixes
We've patched our server to have the best possible performance possible for server play.


Every server has rules, these are here to keep everything running smoothly without any problems.

- No Spamming
Repeatedly spamming something in caplocks is against the rules.

- Report Exploits
More like something you should do, reporting Exploits to staff helps us improve everyone's experience.

- Leave Complaints on the Forum
Helps us improve our server if you bring issues to us.

- No Advertising
We're not a Advertising server. So don't advertise your servers on our hardware.

- No Flaming
Name calling, or Flaming is not acceptable on the server.

- No insulting Server or Server staff
We've worked very hard to bring a totally free server to the Community, insulting us will result in a ban.

- No asking for Teleports or Item Spawns
We will not cheat you in any items. We will not be your personal taxis as all members have the ability to TPA.



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Jul 29, 2019
Server is still up and running smoothly. Has been nearly a month, server hasn't even restarted since then. Much impressive.