Open Super Circuit Maker Crashes Client

Discussion in 'FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10' started by Zath137, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Zath137

    Zath137 Guest

    Summary of the problem Super Circuit Maker Crashes Client

    Pack Version 1.2.0

    What is the bug? Holding tiny redstone in your hand and then looking at a redstone circuit causes a client-side crash.

    Mod & Version Super Circuit Maker 1.0.4

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? 1. Place down redstone circuit
    2. Hold tiny redstone
    3. Look at circuit while holding tiny redstone

    Known Fix
  2. Yaeger

    Yaeger New Member

    Have you tried without optifine?
  3. Zath137

    Zath137 Guest

    I have not, let me try that.
  4. Zath137

    Zath137 Guest

    It works now, do you know why that occurs?
  5. Yaeger

    Yaeger New Member

    No. In my experience, optifine causes a lot of issues.

    What do you use optifine for?
  6. Zath137

    Zath137 Guest

    Dang and I use it for the connected textures and the increase in performance but I can go without it if it's causing crashes
  7. Yaeger

    Yaeger New Member

    I would expect a 970 to be able to keep up?

    Connected textures are working fine for me without optifine, or are you talking about something else?
  8. Zath137

    Zath137 Guest

    It does keep up. I can't use my resource packs connected textures or custom skybox without it though.
  9. paul2130

    paul2130 Guest

    Found a fix . Just leave "Swamp Colors" on . That will do it.

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