Streaming Crash Landing Exclusively.

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by Shiuzan, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Shiuzan

    Shiuzan New Member

    Hello everybody. I recently started playing Crash Landing on my server.
    I currently only stream Crash Landing. Having allot of fun, derping around and occaisonaly raging a bit.

    Untill the 10th of dezember I will be streaming from 21:00 (GMT+1) till whenever I get too tired to continue.
    On the 10th of dezember I will have a operation on my hand due to allot of pain I have had from braking it 6 years ago.

    But enough of the bad things and more of the good things!
    I hope to entertain all of you that like the crash landing modpack/map as much as I do!

    hope you guys drop by to say hello! :)
  2. Shiuzan

    Shiuzan New Member

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