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  1. Dadarotas

    Dadarotas Guest

    Summary of the problem Strange one way ping lag.

    Pack Version 3.0.6

    What is the bug? Me and 2 friends are trying to play SF3, and nothing is wrong for the host or other player, however when I join I have problems. Anything I do my friends see immediatelly, however I only do it a few minutes later, this persists until either I disconnect on my own or get kicked out with an error, please help xd

    Mod & Version Sky factory 3 3.0.6

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Every time I join

    Known Fix
  2. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    Details are a little thin. But this sounds like it is either your PC isn't up to playing the pack or your internet connection isn't good enough. Since the host and other player are fine that sort of eliminates the server and its connection. Can you provide your system specs (HD, CPU speed, physical RAM, etc.)? Please include which version of java and what program you are using to launch the pack (Curse, FTB, or some other).
  3. Dadarotas

    Dadarotas Guest

    Hi, I have 12 GB ram, intel i7 and a good graphics card. It seems to occur regardless of wether I use Curse, FTB or minecraft launcher. I updated my Java to latest and we are playing on SF3 3.0.6. I can elaborate a little bit after playing for some time. First off, it only happens in that world, if the person creates a new one there is no lag. And the strangest of things is that when it is only me and the host playing, the game is fine, but as soon as the 3rd player joins, I lag minutes behind the server. Furthermore, it seems that if the 2nd player goes to the nether the lag disappears too(Not 100% sure of this though).
  4. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    So starting to sound like this might be a server/network issue. Where is the server hosted? At your friends house? If so home internet is very bad for hosting due to upload bandwidth restrictions. Have you tried other servers ones hosted on proper servers and not someones home?
  5. Dadarotas

    Dadarotas Guest

    Yes it is hosted on his computer, but neither in other mod packs, or other games (I.e terraria) this has not happened and we used to be able to play fine with one of us hosting. And we do not have a server since we don't have the money for them.
  6. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    If you are interested, you and your friends could join me over on Curse. @Boqzo1 runs the group and we do have some servers for our curse group to play on. Use to join the group. We don't have Sky Factor at present. But there are other packs (all on curse) to choose from.
  7. Dadarotas

    Dadarotas Guest

    So the problem is unsolvable then? :/ Where is your servers hosted?
  8. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    I really don't know if it can be solved. I know I gave trying to host one out of my house because of bandwidth and network contention issues. But, the server we use is hosted out at in Canada.
  9. SlothMan

    SlothMan New Member

    Just a quick glance. it looks to be something either to do with the seconds players inventory or the render settings of either the server or yourself. i would attempt to put the render distance for the server (in all the way down and then slowly work youre way up unless lowering it doesn't help. or have the 2nd player leave the server so you aren't lagging and you put all your items in a chest and everything that will be lost if you die/start fresh and do the same with the 2nd player and the host and all other players that play on the server (if it's just you three then have all three players do this so nothing is lost upon reset)

    Now would be a good time to say, go make a backup of the world/whole server if your host wants to.... i would highly recommend backups even in general play.... F U redwood tree...

    then have the host once again go into where the server files are (serverstart.bat and and etc.) open the "world" folder or if he has renamed it the whatever it is called then "playerdata" and delete everything in that file. ***Alternative*** this might help as well not sure... go back into the server folder with serverstart.bat and such and using the file explorer search function search for "player" and delete everything that shows up.

    Hope this works for you :D

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