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Discussion in 'Web Feedback' started by DarkJDL, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    There is a way to know the post-counts.
    But I was wondering if it was possible to get how many "characters" someone wrote as a stat =p
    That way, we could know how much content people writes/posts on average.
    Although I think some people might abuse this with spams like "aaaaaa" but that's idiotic, it might get them scolded.

    I know I'm a bit 'needy' with my idea but numbers are just absurdly fun.

    Also maybe a "warn-level" kind of thing, although I don't know the extent of it, I just saw it on other forums and I thought it was not a bad idea, that way you can see who are bad people are who aren't (for new commers)
  2. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    I like this idea. <--- Not much there.
  3. evelus

    evelus New Member

    I think sometimes It's quality over quantity.
  4. frederikam

    frederikam New Member

    Admins and moderators can't just watch every single post.
  5. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    Actually; Evelus; You nail half of my point here; the ability to see how many characters would allow us to see said quality/post; Look at adib or Frederikam, Their posts are nigh empty just for the fun to add +1 to their post counts; with my character count idea, we could see how many character one person types and divide it by their number of posts; that way we'd know who would be a post-count content only and who would have hard worked through their post-counts. ofcourse, people would abuse the
    but I believe that is possible to exempt from the character counting.

    and Frederikam; Admins can't most of the time, they have more important things to do; but moderators can; it's their (sadly unpaid) job to moderate the forum. Ofcourse it's unpaid so they can't be asked to do it 100% of their time. but it's fairly possible to hop in 15 minutes, check the new posts; moderate if needed, and then return to your occupations; if one moderator is not enough, they probably can find a second one easily.

    All I'm saying is that 1: I like numbers 2: I hate to read posts like "Welp, I hope you find help!" to a post where someone legitly needs help. Or "Yes, I agree" without any content to add, or for that matter; "no, I don't agree" When I write my threads I always assume 50% like it, 50% hate it, I don't need to know 1-2 people precisely, I just need to know what a person thinks about it IE: add their opinion; their point of view, ideas, I don't care if they agree or disagree, I want them to help the thread improve(not just mine, anyone's);
  6. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Forum Addict

    I really can't tell you how often I've been tempted to mark adip's posts as spam, because they often contribute nothing to the topic he's posted in, or are so far off topic as to be meaningless.

    Is phpBB the one that has the ability to add all sorts of modules? Reddit style karma, or even the simple ability to +1 good posts brings about the metric "karma/posts" if you can't get one "like" within 100 posts, you might be doing something wrong.
  7. Tom V

    Tom V New Member

    With just reading the first post, I wanted to suggest the same :)

    I know there is one: Karma Mod. Haven't heard a bad thing about it (not that I hear lots about it, but I have seen it working).

    The problem now is indeed some ppl just post ... to post and to see their counter go up. I haven't got too much time too read everything and to research some answers, that's why I don't post much. I almost only post when I'm sure I can contribute.

    So true, I don't know how it is called in English but literally translated, we would call him: a post-count-whore
    And he's probably someone who wants too much attention ...
  8. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    Hey, I am a post-count whore, I like to see my post count go up, I don't see any problem with that. The problem I have is when the posts are without content. I post a lot, in fact I'm the second most poster, But I try to make my posts filled, I try to make them interesting to read, I try to make them have at least an ounce of content. I don't post like "oh I like that" or the contrary just to have +1 post count, I put some time in the texts I write. if I was to up my post count in their way, cut every single one of my posts in 1/16th and then I can have 16x more post count, I would still have more text than them/post.
    okay, maybe I'm exagerating a little bit, but you get my point. I find it annoying to check the forum and 'read' everything when there is nothing with matter to read. Sometimes there are a few new posters with things to say and the first hand experience they get is "5 words that do not help them", I cannot talk for everyone but when I ask for support, I hate to get these kind of statement; and I'm talking about support because usually that's what someone is eager to look at, they want a reply that will help them.
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