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  1. Nerixel

    Nerixel The Amphibian Retired Staff

    Ok, so this is a new game called StarMade. It bears many qualities to Minecraft that you'll immediately see, however it also has some very important differences.
    First, the similarities:
    • Made of blocks
    • Written in Java
    • Similar release schedule
    Now, the differences:
    • StarMade allows flying into space and building of spaceships
    • Spaceships can move independently of block limitations
    • It's currently free
    As much hate as I might get for this, here's episode one of the Yogscast's let's play on it:
    It also has a very comprehensive tutorial on game launch, which I recommend you do.
    StarMade's currently in alpha, and it's also currently free. You also have the option of buying it, which gives you no advantage currently (other than recognition on the forums for it). I'm told you'll get benefits later, almost definitely including future updates when StarMade becomes an exclusively paid game. Don't quote me on that though.
    The game looks like it's going to have the same creative aspects of Minecraft, but a bit more violent from the PvP aspect of fighting other players with your ships.
    If it keeps up popularity, which the Yogscast will help with immensely if they continue their let's play, it will likely become an extremely popular game, and it's really fun, so why not? :p
    I should also add, it's very nice with performance. It's not using my dedicated graphics card, only integrated graphics and I'm still getting over 100 FPS.

    Tldr: Game like Minecraft, except you can build spaceships and fly them around in space. Still in alpha.
  2. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    I have played this game with Jess887cp and PeggleFrank, and it is AWESOME FUN.

    I love the whole extremely modular feel of the game, how you can add a new weapon with two or more blocks only, and if you're good make it look nice. I have yet to get on a planet, but peggle says they're fun...
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  3. Silent_007

    Silent_007 Active Member

    I've been toying with this myself. So far - TONS of fun!
    My main problem is getting enough of the same color hardened hull bits to make a ship as large as I want to. I think that means I need to get some factories going so I can produce my own ship components, but I haven't looked into that yet.

    Until then, I'll just keep flying from shop to shop. I'm not worried about cost, since I killed a few pirates who happened to be hauling ~600 L5 ores. :D
    (Not sure how unusual that is/isn't, but it sure made my day regardless!!)
  4. Jess887cp

    Jess887cp Popular Member

    Yeah, peggle has been nice enough to host a server for a when we're all on the NTTS, which makes him a cool guy. Cool game too, but really annoying of you lose everything.
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  5. imabanana1337

    imabanana1337 Active Member

    i'm having problems launching this game, unfortunate because it looks REALLY fun. the problem when i launch it is; at about 99% loading i get an error loading the block hole shader, has anyone else had this problem, and if you have, how have you fixed it?
  6. Chrissy

    Chrissy Well-Known Member

    i like it, My shoddy laptop cant handle it well but i like it and it has potential ^_^

    Also i seem to be one of the only people who still likes the yogscast
  7. WatcherInTheShadows

    WatcherInTheShadows Well-Known Member

    I have been watching this game.
    Looks very interesting.
  8. Nerixel

    Nerixel The Amphibian Retired Staff

    I had no idea this thread ever got replies, the forum didn't give me a notification for it until the latest one -_-

    Just in case you still care about the game, did you head over to and ask for help there? I'm not nearly as good with Starmade support as I am with Minecraft :p

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