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Discussion in 'Mod Development' started by Type1Ninja, May 20, 2015.

  1. Type1Ninja

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    This is a request. If there's a more appropriate forum for this, I'm sorry, moderators: please just move it there. :p
    I would attempt to make this myself, but my knowledge of coding in general isn't top notch, I couldn't find any good tutorials for Forge (though these forums seem like a good resource and I'll check out Santa's links if I ever decide to try this for realz). I'm short on time and have other priorities, such as my modpack.

    Now, on to the idea:
    A player inventory block, like the one from Gany's End, Pneumaticcraft, or Random Things. I don't want to use any of those mods because I would like a player inventory block in my modpack, but I can't stand adding an entire, complex mod for a single purpose. It feels disgraceful to everyone involved. Those are great mods, I just want to either do them full justice or don't use them at all.
    So, I want an automate-able, chest-like block that is tied to a specific player's inventory. I want this so I can get into all sorts of SFM/AE2/Refined Relocation shenanigans where I keep my own and other player's inventories with torches, cobble, etc, and remove extraneous cobble. If additional explanation is required, I'm sure I can provide it... I'm good at overwhelming people with ideas I WANT but can't IMPLEMENT. :p (I'm working on the implement part! Whoo!)

    I just want to get this idea off my chest so that if someone with better coding knowledge/more time and commitment than me can take it up. I'll do them myself if required, but I don't have time yet. :p
  2. lumien

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    You can just disable everything else from random things except the player interface. Jaded disabled everything except the Bloodmoon in Magic Farm so don't feel bad about it :p.
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  3. Type1Ninja

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    *sigh* Alright. I'll just minetweaker-rename the stuff that's "too magicky" for my pack to make it seem not-magicky. :p

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