Srv Local User Authentication


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
What mods have you used for having local authentication for your servers? I took a look around the webs for a mod to authentication users locally on my 1.6.4 server and I only found one. I dont know how stable it is so I wanted to hear what experiences you all have had.

I currently keep my server in offline mode. I dont like having to authenticate back to the MC servers when they tend to be down a little too frequently. I also like to do "science" with dummy accounts :). This isnt really for avoiding paying mojang for a lovely product. I and all the people on my server have premium accounts (I know cause I've bought them).

I was thinking about opening up the server to more people, but I want to ensure no one can just login to my account or someone else's and blow up the world. I do have backups just in case griefing though. Thoughts?