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Speed up crop growth

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by SomeRandomPetey, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. I want to know what are the best ways to speed up crop growth automatically. No watering cans or fertilizers. Also, I am in Direwolf20 1.12, the pack does not have Reliquary, so no lily pads of fertility, and I'm not far enough in Thaumcraft for a lamp of growth.
  2. SolManX

    SolManX New Member

    When you say 'No watering cans or fertilizers' do you mean you don't want to use them or just don't have access?

    If it's the latter, then Industrial Foregoing (new version of MFR) has a https://ftb.gamepedia.com/Plant_Fertilizer, which I'm sure is in DW20 1.12.
  3. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    Watering cans are also very much so in DW20 1.12.2
  4. By no fertilizers i mean i dont want to use them. I'd prefer passive blocks/items rather than manual ones.
  5. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    As SolManX said, you can use the Plant Fertilizer from Industrial Foregoing then. It uses Bonemeal and other fertilizers to speed up plant growth (I would suggest the forestry one as 1 Apatite and 2 Sand = 8 fertilizer).

    You will probably need a range addon and some way to automate fertilizer.
  6. SolManX

    SolManX New Member

    Fair enough, although with a mob farm (using cursed earth, say) you can provide both the power and the bonemeal (power could come from rotten flesh in an exutils2 death generator) ... it becomes a completely passive operation.
  7. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    True, still I always fine Apatite in massive quantities, and the 1 - 8 ratio is quite nice.

    Yes the machine will need power, but if you are already using some kind of planter/harvesting machine, you have power there already, the range addon is because Industrial Foregoing machines working areas are usually just the block in front of it to start, doesn't work well for a plant/tree farm unless you only have one tree/tilled soil plot :)
  8. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    Oh, additional suggestion...

    If you've gotten into Botania at all, you can use the Agricarnation. It covers a 5x5 area, uses a little mana (but easy enough to automate).

  9. Thanks for the replies, so far I've got Greenhouse glass and Worms from Actually Additions, Timewood clock cores from Twilight Forest, and I'll test out the Agricarnation (I'm going to set up a decently good Dandelifion farm soon). Apatite also isn't much of a problem for me, I've got a lot of it already, and I have a tier 2 void ore miner, which I'm trying to upgrade to tier 3. And sand is super easy to automate, I have a resonant pulverizer with 4 speed augments
  10. Reddis

    Reddis New Member

    I might be wrong, but I think the farming station from enderio will auto-use bonemeal for you.

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