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Sorting wall overkill??

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Evil Hamster, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Evil Hamster

    Evil Hamster New Member

    38 barrels each row (can't fit all in ss until I move the machinery where the old wall is)

  2. Vovk

    Vovk New Member

    nah... looks about right :D
  3. ArcticDreamz

    ArcticDreamz New Member

    I have a similar problem : I don't know what to use barrels for and what not, like i don't know if i should use barrels for all kind of wood planks ? Any suggestions ?
  4. Bahnmor

    Bahnmor New Member

    Am I right in thinking that doesn't need sorting machines?
  5. Evil Hamster

    Evil Hamster New Member

    You are correct. My sorters will be re-configured to direct stuff to be processed before storing in the wall (for example: iron ore -> pulverizer -> smelter -> packager -> wall)

    I have an enderchest tied to my ender bag so as I'm mining or working, I can dump crap into the bag and it will be sorted out automatically at my base. I still have a ways to go to finish it all but I'm making progress.

    Eventually I want to set up a retriever system so I can request items and they'll be pulled out of the barrels and sent to another ender bag.

    Now I have to re-do my world anchors to ensure the system is loaded efficiently, I think my current ones have some overlap and need to be moved.
  6. arkangyl

    arkangyl New Member

    Yup. Just something to push the items in the pipe, and an overflow chest for manual sorting. My system I set up with my girlfriend allows us to put all of our collected items in an input chest, where a Transposer shoves the items through the system. Anything with a barrel (stuff that doesn't need further processing, such as Apples, Amber, XyCraft crystals, or mob drops) automatically goes in their barrels, while raw ores go to the overflow chest, conveniently located by the processing center. After we process our ores, cook our foods, that sort of thing, we have a return chest with a second attached Transposer that returns the processed goods to the original input chest, where they are cycled back through and deposited in their storage barrels.

    We use barrels for the stuff we generally have the most of, sorted into several sections: Logs, Saplings, Seeds and other Plant Items; Ingots and other Mined Items; Food; Mob Drops; and regular Blocks. Anything else can be made as needed and stored manually in Gold/Diamond Chests near their section of Barrels. Also, by our crafting/processing area we have a barrel for Sticks and a barrel for Oak Planks, since enough crafting recipes use those to make it really convenient.

    Okay, now that's a good idea I never thought of. :)
  7. Evil Hamster

    Evil Hamster New Member

    Another thing to do- the barrels are kind of random at the moment so I need to sort items into categories.. If you look at the screenshot, there is a sliver of blue at the far end, my overflow diamond chest. As all my barrels aren't filled yet, it's still empty except for a few leftover barrels :)

    Having tubes connected to the tops and bottoms of the barrels should allow for a retrieval system to be built in the future so I don't have to go search the wall for stuff.
  8. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    I was thinking of doing something similar if I can just stop tweaking textures...

    My tube line first sorts all the ores for processing, and also items to dump into a sawmill, and also breaks down and resmelts any ingots I find that are not the same ID as what I am storing.
    Every item is given a colour, which corresponds to the relevant area of barrels. The idea is that if I get overflow I won't get the wrong items going into the wrong areas when new barrels are placed and I have a bit more control on overflow.
    All the barrels placed in a U shape, in the middle is a large crafting area, and along the back wall any machines I need to use on demand.
    Any overflow then going all around the U to a central storage area, and then a filter system to send the cheap overflow into recyclers to make scrap boxes and the items produced sent back into the system.

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