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Sorting and stuffs

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Buffalo_Wings_Master, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Buffalo_Wings_Master

    Buffalo_Wings_Master Active Member

    Some things I would like to inqure about related to sorting: (NOTE I am playing the 1.6.4 Direwolf20 Pack)
    1) What options do I currently have for sorting systems? (I used to go via redpower, I might do logistics pipes but I dont like how they require power)
    2) Can itemducts be configured to extract only specific items?
    3) Right-clicking on itemduct/fluiduct/conduit says "you must install a pneumatic servo," how exactly do I do that?
    4) Could you make a fully functional and somewhat advanced sorting system using only itemducts w/ servos?
    5) Not too relevant to this thread, but there are chickens falling from the sky with pig balloons and exploding... wut?

    NEW 6) Quick thing, someone somewhere mentioned the ability to get ender pearls easier from Gany's Mods. Anyone know what this is about? (+link?)
    7) Hurm hurm.. So this monster pack, 'tis it like a combo of all other packs?
    Thanks for help :)
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  2. Neoxon

    Neoxon Active Member

    Build a me system with a logistic pipe remote orderer
  3. Buffalo_Wings_Master

    Buffalo_Wings_Master Active Member

    A "me system" ? Remote orderer?
  4. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi Popular Member

    ME System = Applied Energistics

    Remote Orderer = Logistics Pipes

    I suggest watching spotlights on both of them because they're non-trivial to explain their usages.
  5. Vasa

    Vasa Well-Known Member

  6. Buffalo_Wings_Master

    Buffalo_Wings_Master Active Member

  7. Neoxon

    Neoxon Active Member

    Because it project red and it not updated to the latest one that add some experimental piping(i think). Project red is not redpower, it a replacement and not everything is there
  8. Buffalo_Wings_Master

    Buffalo_Wings_Master Active Member

    Ah ok, makes sense. Im considering Applied Energistics, but have never used it before, and was wondering if it is a difficult mod to understand or not?
  9. Vasa

    Vasa Well-Known Member

  10. Vircomore

    Vircomore Active Member

    It's definitely a ways more difficult to understand than Itemducts or Factorization Routers, but if you take the time to watch a few Mod Spotlights (cough DW20 cough) you can get the general idea.

    As for your questions:

    1+4. My sorting system is a hybridization of Itemducts and Factorization barrels. I have an entire room full of barrels with itemducts going to the top of each, and then an overflow chest to catch anything I don't have a barrel for yet. (for some things, I use chests with "servo'd" ducts on Whitelist to store certain stuff in the chests.) The same pipe system goes down into my basement to all of my TE3 machines where most if not all ores are handled and then sent back up the same pipes as ingots to go into the barrels.

    4. In the future when I need to set up inventories of certain items (Thaumcraft room, forestry room, etc) - I can add servos to the itemducts on the bottom of a specific barrel, and have that barrel pump items out to the right room. (You wrench the duct above the barrel making it "Dense" - that way all Fire Shards for example will go to the thaumcraft room first, and then the barrel second if the thaumcraft room is full. Then whenever some is taken out of the thaumcraft room, the barrel (via the bottom duct with servo) will replenish the room)

    Only downside to this method is you need a servo for every barrel that you want to pump OUT of. (No servos needed to input to a barrel since they already can only hold 1 thing)

    5. The Portal Gun mod is celebrating Christmas in a very Aperture Science fashion.
  11. Buffalo_Wings_Master

    Buffalo_Wings_Master Active Member

    Thank you master DOGE! After a quick read, it seems like a cross between Logistics Pipes and Pneumatic Tubes :D
    EDIT: Even better, NO id conflicts with the Direwolf20 pack! Such win! Much happiness! So wow!
    Thanks for this mate, very helpful stuff
  12. Vasa

    Vasa Well-Known Member

    lel no prob ;)
  13. Dylan4ever

    Dylan4ever Popular Member Mod Developer

    6 = there is an easy way to craft Enderpearls in Gany's End, but it requires 8 End Flowers which can only be found in the End. So, not that easy.
  14. Buffalo_Wings_Master

    Buffalo_Wings_Master Active Member

    Ah... Yea not too useful.... Know of any mods that allow somewhat easier collection (crafting?) of enderpearls? Endermen are really tough to find...
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2013
  15. Vasa

    Vasa Well-Known Member

    you need ganys surface,TiC sword with beheading II ,collect zombie heads,
    craft enderpearls like this
    2 heads yields 8ender pearls .
    With beheading II sword you will have lots of zombie heads.
  16. Larmonade

    Larmonade Well-Known Member

    I'll throw in my two bits for applied energistics. I avoided it at first ("seems too techy, too high-end, and too expensive and confusing!"), but then realized that most of my objections were inaccurate and it is currently my favorite mod. At this point, I think AE is the only mod I'd count as a *must* for the mod packs I play in the future. It's definitely worth the time taken to figure it out, and also worth the time spen to figure out the more esoteric uses of auto-crafting and storage strategies.
  17. Makin911

    Makin911 Active Member

    early game: chest and barrels with sorting pipes from extra utilities, then as soon as i can afford it i put up a AE system
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  18. Tyrindor

    Tyrindor Well-Known Member

    Plan on doing the same, DW20 is currently doing this in his S6 let's play.
  19. Dragonsama

    Dragonsama Active Member

    For ender pearls search out dungeons and those trees from thumcraft (cant remember name atm) that have cob webs. I maged to find 15 ender lilly seeds over he ourse of two days, waited for two harvest and then found an end portal. Now i have pearls or days.

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