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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by srentiln, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Hello, hopefully this is the right section...I got the impression from the thread asking what the section is for that this would be a good place anyway. If I am wrong, I would appreciate it if a mod/admin would move this to the correct section.

    I want to share this not to show off but to provide something that others might be able to use either for themselves or for a server. If it has been done before more efficiently, then I blame my lacking search term skills

    It is a linking hub based off of the Nexus from URU: Ages Beyond MYST utilizing elements from redpower2, computercraft, and (of course) Mystcraft.

    I made a quick video that gives a basic look at the machine (enough that you could easily copy the mechanisms):

    I do have a basic program I can share if people wish that works and can be adjusted for an expanded system. Using the three sides of the computer (right, left, and back) the machine can potentially handle 47 linking books (more if the top and bottom can be used (I personally have not attempted) or if you use a second computer hooked up via rednet). I will be re-writing the code to make configuring the machine easier (hoping to add a way to tell the computer which book is where without hard coding it so it can be changed as needed).
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    So you know, when the items don't have a valid inventory to go to, you were spot on in the fact they go into a buffer storage. Which is from my knowledge infinite. As soon as there is a spot available for the item to go, it will exit the buffer storage and go out. However, if you have say, cobble sorting filter, and then the transposer/filter/relay clogs with dirt. It won't let cobble go through to the filter because there's no valid inventories for All the types of items stuck in the filter.

    It's quite a nice system, personally I'm just kinda sad that you can't hide the transposer which is used to pull the book off the book stand.
  3. srentiln

    srentiln New Member

    I know, it irks me a bit too. I even tried pictures since they can be used behind chests, but I guess that only works because they don't touch the block behind them. However, the transposer does look a lot nicer than the buildcraft pipe did when I tried to use them.

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