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Feb 26, 2013
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Hello! I will place random Fixes for FTB Beyond in this thread. Feel free to request specific fixes.
All fixes here are Verified by myself to work, and have no warranty.
Script Fix File Download

Feel free to upvote this post if they also work for you! Maybe we can get them included in the Download, or the thread sticked. I will continue to fix as long as the pack is being updated.

First group of Fixes require you to Add a file to your Minecraft Folder. Links are for the file to download.
  • Fix #01, Woot Looting Upgrades on Sponge Forge Servers
    • Download and place into your "..\minecraft\woot\" folder, replacing the file currently there.
    • Restart Server.
Second Group is a CraftTweaker Script. Download Script Fix file and place in scripts Folder. Links are to the issues on the forums. Credit given when I remember to put it up.
More Fixes will be posted Randomly. Only Scripts or config changes. Moderators & Pack maintainers feel free to tag me if something needs fixing within those areas.
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