Some players can't connect to my FTB Revelation server

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    Title Some players can't connect to my FTB Revelation server

    Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App

    Modpack FTB Revelation

    Modpack version 1.4

    Have you modified the pack? No

    Link to log file

    Details of the issue This is a player who can't join my server. He is getting the error:

    Internal Exception Java io.IOException forcibly closed by remote host

    I've been seeing this error pop up on the forums and was wondering if we could get a direct answer. A lot of people suggest that this is caused by a firewall, but we both have turned them off and no avail. This problem does not arise on other mod packs when I host the server. Any ideas to try would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Solutions we tried that did not work:
    Upgrading + downgrading java
    Turning off firewalls client/server side
    Reinstalling the mod pack
    Downgrading FTB the server to 1.3
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