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[Solved] Issue with vanilla mobs not spawning with Lycanite mobs enabled

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Hatz, May 5, 2014.

  1. Hatz

    Hatz New Member

    First, this is specifically regarding the Monster server but I'm sure it also applies to any modpack with the Lycanite Mobs mod enabled.

    Second, I spent almost all day today testing and figuring these things out, so hopefully this helps a lot of people.

    The issue: when Lycanite's Mobs are enabled, there aren't any vanilla mobs that spawn (or very, very few).

    I also had an issue with thousands of concapedes spawning in one location which almost crashed the server and was causing nothing else to spawn.

    I really wanted to have the Special Mobs mod enabled as well as have Lycanite's Mobs spawn somewhat rarely. It took a very long time to finally figure out how to do that.

    Solution: It's not pretty, but I had to update the Lycanite Mobs mod to the latest version (1.5.1 from 1.4.6) and then tweak one of the spawning values in the config file.

    How to fix it:
    1. Download the 1.5.1 version of Lycanite's Mobs (for the version of Minecraft that your modpack uses). http://lycanitesmobs.nephrite.co.uk/download
    2. In your server files, place the Lycanite's Mobs jar (LycanitesMobsComplete 1.5.1 [1.6.4].jar) into the mods folder - make sure to also delete the 1.4.6 version.
    3. Restart your server
    4. In the config files of your server find the Lycanite's Mobs config file (config/LycanitesMobs/LycanitesMobs.cfg).
    5. In the config file, find the "Spawn Control" section and find this line: 'D:"Spawn Weight Scale"='. The default should be "1.0" but you can change that to reduce the amount of spawns. I have mine set at "0.2" which makes the Lycanite's Mobs a bit rarer than the regular mobs. Feel free of course to play around with it.
    6. Restart your server. (As far as I know, and please someone correct me if I'm wrong, you'll need to restart the server each time you update a config file for the server to actually use the updated version). Also, you can use the command "/xu_killliving" (recommended to use when nobody is online and from the console) to kill all mobs and get a fresh spawn of mobs when you log in.
    7. For each client that will connect to the server, they need to also include the jar into their mod folder within their Feed the Beast directory. Usually something like this: "Feed the Beast/Monster/minecraft/mods/". Place the 1.5.1 jar in that folder and delete the old one.
    8. Enjoy a better balance of vanilla mobs and Lycanite mobs!
    There are also many different ways to tweak the spawning rates of Special Mobs and Lycanite's Mobs so if you have any questions regarding that, I can answer those as well.

    Maybe we can get an update to the Monster pack which includes the updated Lycanite's Mobs? (I know its a long shot, but hey I have to try)

    Side note: Thank you so incredibly much to the Feed the Beast developers, you guys are freakin amazing. I would be more than happy to help out with this type of stuff if you ever need it.

    Let me know if I missed anything or if there are any other questions.
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  2. BluTak13

    BluTak13 New Member

    Does the /xu_killliving command kill mobs like villagers?
  3. BluTak13

    BluTak13 New Member

    Oh... I found out the hard way and lost all my best villagers.....lol.

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