[SOLVED] Help to access BigReactor's items

Discussion in 'Mod Development' started by redpillar, May 10, 2017.

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    i'm sorry to bother this wonderful community, but i am noob and i need your help!
    please, be patient, i'm learning how-to.

    i'm creating my own simple mod by using Eclipse. everything went fine, until now...

    there my problem:
    i would like to import an item into my mod.
    the current item already exists in BigReactors mod.

    i already claimed the dependencies from the main class:
    @Mod(... dependencies="after:BigReactors")
    so, i wanted to import the following item:
    public static final Item dustYellorium = GameRegistry.findItem("BigReactors", "dustYellorium");
        new ItemStack(dustYellorium,3),
        new Object[]{
            Character.valueOf('x'),new ItemStack(dustYellorium,3)
    when i try to "craft" the current item, the client will crash.
    that's the error:
    Description: Rendering item
    java.lang.NullPointerException: Rendering item
    honestly, i dunno how to fix the problem.
    how am i supposed to render anything i cannot import, maybe?
    kindly, can anyone help me to fix the issue or understand what is going wrong?

    thanks ahead time for your dealing and help.

    ps. i get item's name from BigReactor's en_US.lang file - it's a silly way to find out the information i needed. - the above method could be applied to ExtraUtilities' mod. it works perfectly to import badrock ingots.
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  2. redpillar

    redpillar Guest

    [SOLVED] - the current topic can be closed, kindly. thanks @moderators.

    finally i found out why-and-what i have to do in order to import BigReactors' items.
    in reality, most of them cannot be imported - ie: dustYellorium. BigReactors itselft is supposed to work like that.

    the proper definition for BigReactors' items:
    <BigReactors:BRDebugTool>, BeefTronic™ Diagnostics Tool
    <BigReactors:BRDevice>, Cyanite Reprocesssor
    <BigReactors:BRIngot>, Yellorium Ingot
    <BigReactors:BRMetalBlock>, Yellorium Block
    <BigReactors:BRMultiblockCreativePart>, Reactor Creative Coolant Port
    <BigReactors:BRMultiblockGlass>, Reactor Glass
    <BigReactors:BRReactorPart>, Reactor Casing
    <BigReactors:BRReactorRedstonePort>, Reactor Redstone Port
    <BigReactors:BRTurbinePart>, Turbine Housing
    <BigReactors:BRTurbineRotorPart>, Turbine Rotor Shaft
    <BigReactors:YelloriteOre>, Yellorite Ore
    <BigReactors:YelloriumFuelRod>, Yellorium Fuel Rod
    <BigReactors:bucketCyanite>, Fluid Cyanite Bucket
    <BigReactors:bucketYellorium>, Fluid Yellorium Bucket
    <BigReactors:tile.fluid.cyanite.still>, Fluid Cyanite
    <BigReactors:tile.fluid.yellorium.still>, Fluid Yellorium
    project setup:
    - forge-1.7.10-
    - mods/
    hope this can help someone else as well.
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