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Jul 29, 2019
I just wanted to suggest that my pro sound pack, SnowSong be made available in the new launcher as a Resource Pack.

I'm getting GREAT reviews everywhere with it, and know BaconDonut among many other streamers and notable people in the MC community. I am working with DrZhark to re-engineer all his Mo' Creatures sound FX as well...for MC 1.x.x :D Tis gonna be awesome!

You can grab the SnowSong soundPack/resourcePackalmost everywhere you find MC downloadables, now, but grab it off my TWITCH page.

Thank you for your time in considering this.


That link has all the versions direct-linked. It also has some schematics, art, poetry...more than I can even name all free, no ads...Let me know what you think and if FTB thinks SnowSong is worthy of inclusion with FTB's Launcher.