Open Smeltery not working in Direwolf20 1.10

Discussion in 'FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10' started by usmcwolper, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. usmcwolper

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    Summary of the problem Smeltery not working in Direwolf20 1.10

    Pack Version 1.4.1

    What is the bug? I have made my smeltery and when I click on the controller it wont open. I have destroyed and rebuilt it several times. Any ideas would be grateful.

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    Is it repeatable?

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  2. Pyure

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    Can you attach a screenshot?

    The controller works independent of the rest of the structure: if you're placing the correct controller block, you should see a GUI when you open it no matter what else is going on (unless 1.10 is drastically different from 1.7.10 in this respect)
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  3. usmcwolper

    usmcwolper Guest

    Rebuilt it and still didn't work :/
  4. usmcwolper

    usmcwolper Guest

    Here is how I have it built now. It doesn't work on either spot that I put the controller. 2017-04-28_16.45.51.png 2017-04-28_16.45.15.png 2017-04-28_16.45.55.png 2017-04-28_16.45.26.png 2017-04-28_16.45.59.png
  5. usmcwolper

    usmcwolper Guest

    I moved it to the right side of my tank and got it to work..sorry for all of this.

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