Open Smeltery Dupe bug

Discussion in 'FTB Presents SkyFactory 3 1.10' started by fmlbro, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. fmlbro

    fmlbro Guest

    Summary of the problem Smeltery Dupe bug

    Pack Version 3.0.5

    What is the bug? Proof -

    duplicating blocks of metal/alloy out of the smeltery. After 9 ingots of molten material is available in the smeltery, pour it into the Basin. Once cooled take the block and use the save and quit option. Upon logging back into the game, the block will be in your inventory and another block will be available to be taken from the basin once more.

    Mod & Version Tinkerers Construct

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? YES

    Known Fix UNKNOWN
  2. Dogt03

    Dogt03 New Member

    try updating to pack version 3.0.6 and test if it is still an issue
  3. fmlbro

    fmlbro Guest

    Confirmed that it still works in 3.0.6

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