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  1. Summary of the problem Smashing Pickaxe 3x3 max area

    Pack Version 2.5.6

    What is the bug? Seems like i cant "veinmine" more than a 3x3 area with a smashing pickaxe. i was windering if this is intentional, as it never has been like this before. i usually can veinmine a whole lot of cobble down to gravel, more than just 3x3 each time. sorry if this is a intended thing.

    Mod & Version oreexcavator and excompressum i think?

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? ive tried manually updating those mods, and still no go.

    Known Fix
  2. Tyrellan

    Tyrellan New Member

    Look at the tool tip - I know the compressed hammers specifically say 'will not mine more than 1 block at a time...'
  3. well, it does veinmine, but it only does a 3x3x3 area. and it shouldnt be a issue, cause im talking about regular blocks, not compressed. and a regular diamond hammer modifier, not compressed.

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