Small Streamer! (FTB Rev 1.12.2+ mods)

Jul 29, 2019
Hey all! I'm Damien Darkside, and I'm a small Canadian streamer who goes through a ton of games. I am currently playing through a bunch of Minecraft and FTB Rev is what I'm playing.

I've added a few mods, mostly side things like Ice and Fire, Betweenlands, Abyssalcraft and the like. To more flesh out the "exploration" side of Minecraft sometimes not in FTB modpacks. I haven't really played Minecraft since 1.7.10, so I don't mind some background push for some direction. I am just not a Min/Maxer. I am also recording (hopefully) for Youtube! So I'll upload my mega-cuts of the streams in due time.

I am 18+, mostly because I do swear periodically and we do chat about adult things occasionally. So bring your waifus and some snacks, play some MC alongside me or justhave fun in the chat. I am a small streamer so I will respond and chat with you guys (but lurkers always welcome!) so I hope to see you there!