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Jul 29, 2019
Summary of the problem Slow chunk loading

Pack Version 1.1.0

What is the bug? The chunks loads very slow on non generated chunks, also on a generated chunk(ex where are you at) placing a block and break it (a loop of placing breaking) lags a lot the fps.
Noticeable thing is the cpu is above normal % of use(no background aplications).

Mod & Version Dont know what causing this

Link to log file wait to post the log.....

Is it repeatable? Sometimes the instance launches like this(slow chunk and high cpu%, low fps) and sometimes not(slow chunk BUT not high cpu %, normal fps)

Known Fix

Extra info
I added a few mods in it, but it happend with the default one.
(what i added:aether,voidcraft,thebetweenlands,nethermetals,basemetals,respawn,optifine,wtfexpedition,leels,pioneer,rftoolsdim,betterfps,armoroverlay,bloodmoon,levelup!,zombieawareness,hardcoredarkness,dinamicsorrounding,biomesoplenty,torcherino,projecte,geographicraft,RTG,soundphisics(from sonicether))
Extra info2 PC: fx8150 @4ghz, ddr3 16gb, gtx660. 5GB dedicated to minecraft(also tried with 6)
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Jul 29, 2019
Optifine is never supported.
Adding one or several other mods doesn't make it the FTB Beyond modpack.