Skyfactory 3 - Play-through (a different way)

Discussion in 'Youtubers' started by Fitzz, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Fitzz

    Fitzz Guest

    Hi guys,

    i just started recording my first Minecraft episode and want to share it with you.
    I have been playing modded Minecraft for a long time now and want to give something back.

    In this Play-through I am going to attempt to use the maximal potency of all the mods we have, try to show you a couple neat tips and tricks and hopefully offer you a nice different experience than all the other great Let's Plays out there.

    Instead of rushing through the modpack and get to the end-game, I will most likely try show what you can do with this modpack.

    I still don't know everything that modpack has to offer, but I will learn with you guys.

    I hope you guys will help me with comments to keep this Play-through as interesting as possible. If you have any requests I could try to fit that in, in the next episodes. My main goal here is to provide you guys with useful information you can use in your own Skyfactory 3 world.

    A big shutout to the Mod & Modpack - Makers and the great community which makes Minecraft what it is.

    Cheers Fitzz​
  2. Fitzz

    Fitzz Guest

    The next episode is live. I am trying to improve in the video editing and commentary - this is still pretty new to me. I hope it's entertaining for you guys.
    This time I made a time-lapse for the building-phase.

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  3. Fitzz

    Fitzz Guest

    A new episode is live. In this episode I build the basic structure of mobgrinding and ore generation. As always I would appreciate if you'd comment what you like and don't like - and what you would like to see in the future.
    Thanks everybody. :)
  4. JackelWolf

    JackelWolf Active Member

    Really nice work. I really liked how you did the beginning of EP02 with the sped up 'build camera'.

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