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Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by SlothMan, Aug 5, 2019.

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    So I've been running a locally hosted server on my machine as i know general basic server stuff enough to run a competent server (i hope) and I've been able to support 6 players all at once including my partner (same internet as me), my Friend in question, myself and 3 others.

    I have recently been having problems when Friend joins as he has no more than 2 bars of connection which makes a 10 second delay when opening chests and making it impossible to retrieve any items from the chest let alone use anything. he seems to "warm up" after a while and sometimes after a few restarts on his end it seems to run fine but as you can tell that would be horrible to play like that as it SHOULD be as simple as launching the game and hitting connect. my partner, Friend and myself all run on the legacy ftb client and when we first started the world as i said there was no problems. I had made an attempt to eliminated my server as the problem by supplying more ram to it with a ms=2G and mx=6G but recently ramping the "mx" upto 10G (haven't tried with this yet). I feel confident that it is also not a connection problem on my behalf because i sit at a respectable "27.47Mbps" on but if I was proven wrong i would be open to any suggestions.

    I haven't done any troubleshooting on his behalf as it's hard when we don't live in the same area. I'm hoping for the possibility to transfer the "world" file over to my single player files and just open to LAN with "online = true" but I have not tested this either. any help will be appreciated and I am going to post below my "serverstart.bat" and will respond with any other files that you may need to help me in this endevour. thank you in advance for even reading this and I hope I can get this problem fixed. (no i have not tried with a fresh server... it is an idea that just came to mind) (apologises for my english if it is bad)
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    Can you share the result from speedtest (want to see the uplink and ms as well, there should be a report link that you can get that doesn't show your IP when you share it)

    Also have your friend do a speedtest as well and share that here, you can share the link ofc.

    And perhaps have your friend do a tracert from his computer -> your public ip.

    open command window/terminal and type:

    and share the results either as text or as a screenshot (use and give the link if it's text, use imgur or other image sharing site and give the link for the screen shot)

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