Open [SkyFactory 3] EnderIO Ender Conduits are not working

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  1. Summary of the problem [SkyFactory 3] EnderIO Ender Conduits are not working

    Pack Version 3.0.6

    What is the bug? EnderIO ender fluid pipes refuse to bring lava from the crucible into a tank / lava generator. It was working fine 2 days ago, but all of a sudden it stops working.

    I've tested with just EnderIO tanks and they still refuse to work. I can get them to work as regular fluid pipes when connected, but when I try to use a distance between them, they don't work.

    Thank you.

    Mod & Version skyfactory 3, enderio

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Take 2 EnderIO Fluid tanks, place them away from each other, attatch 2 Ender Fluid Conduits and try to get them to connect over a distance.

    Known Fix
  2. itanshi

    itanshi New Member

    check for redstone signals and configurations
  3. I already did man, it's not related to that, when I connect them as regular tubes they function w/o redstone. I've set ALL of the ender fluid pipes to always active and set them properly with insert/extract. They're just not functioning as ender pipes.
  4. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    As far as I know, they do not work as remote access, that is what the dimensional transceivers are for. They just move a higher volume instantaneously and allow multiple fluids to use the same connected line.

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