Open skyblog-settings ignored / mislabled

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Pack Version 1.2.0

What is the bug?

Well, so I just checked the page as I did in the past and seen - oh hey - wait - some of the bug-reports say something about version 1.2.0?! Man, finaly, an update - I have to check the changelogs.
Oh, cool - new config for setting "Sky Factory"-like spawn - YEA!
*downloadin' - checkin' configs - still searching - there it is!*
~> big disappointment and confusion: Did I again something wrong with this pack?

So yea, I tested it to be sure - and to be honest: the config is so misleading and confusing (try to not to use the B-word).

Just let's remember whats the config about:
    # Set to true if you want to start on a 3x3 platform, or false for a tree. [default: false]

    # Set this to true if you are playing on Sky Factory. [default: false]
    B:"Sky Factory"=false
First look: toggle by bool: Platform - and as the text says - active by default - NEAT!
So I created a new island ... and ... big surprise: nothin'!

stop -> toggle flag -> re-start -> new island -> still no change

Ok, it started to get funny as the text for the second flag is useless - what should this mean "if you play on Sky Factory"? Nevermind - toggled this - and hey - works. Back to config to see if the other flag does anythin' like change 1 single dirt block to 3x3 area > NOPE!

1) The flags are somehow mislabled - is this bool: Platform even used? If not - should make no impact to delete it.
2) The used flag bool:"Sky Factory" is explained the wrong way around: "false" should be default sky-factory style - "true" the classic type - but it's inveresed. Either the text doesn't match the code - or the code doesn't match the expected default.

SECOND - just to avoid to open up another bug report:
The changelog says no recipe changes. Does this mean there wasn't any fixes at all so there are still some faulty scripts - or got the fixes from the thread here merged to make broken recipes work again?

Mod & Version ftbisland-1.3.1.jar

Known Fix Well - remove unused bool: Platform and use bool:"Sky Factory" follows:

false - classic skyblock spawn on 3x3 patch of dirt with chest
true - sky-factory style on single dirt block with a tree

first: please install noparse-tag - as the : P makes up a smilie - very annoying when used as key-name in props - noparse-tag makes parser ignore smiley-codes
second: please enlarge the textarea-fields - its annoying when on a standard 1920x1080 half the page is wasted and the fields are so small - let alone even bigger resolutions