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Sky Factory 3: power for auto sieve?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by MiK3gamer, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. MiK3gamer

    MiK3gamer New Member

    hey. is there any way to transfer RF power to the ato sieve/hammer?

    i only found two ways to power the sieve.
    1. a "generator" from "Integrated dynamics" next to the auto sieve/hammer
    2. a Powercell from RFtools next to the auto sieve/hammer

    since one generator doesnt seem to be eough to power the compressed hammer or heavy sieve, that's not a good option. plus: i dont wanna have 10 generators with 20RF/t reach
    and well. a whole bunch of powercells isn't the perfect solutin either.

    those machines dont accept power from a laser, or from a "first cable" of the "solar flux reborn" mod.
    maybe it is caused by the fact that the GUI shows FE as power, not RF.
    are there any other solutions?
  2. kommtoby

    kommtoby Guest

    Placing your generator from integrated dynamics is probably best for early game, It should power the auto sieve/hammer if its placed directly nex to it, maybe you can send screenshots so your setup is visible so its easier to see what's going wrong ? :)
  3. MiK3gamer

    MiK3gamer New Member

    Maybe you missunderstood me? You mentioned the integrated dynamics generator as a solution.
    I already mentioned it in my post. The generator works, but it's not an ideal solution to me.

    By now i discovered something new, i think. Direwolf20 used an energy conduit from ender_io in his youtube series. I didnt test it. But since he used it, i guess it should work. It seems to be the only way to wire up these machines
  4. kommtoby

    kommtoby Guest

    Oh right, my bad, i thought you mentioned that it didn't work - i misunderstood haha.

    Yep, i see now i didn't read that two-line of info sorry for jumping to a conclusion, Yes energy conduits are very effective in transferring power from other generators and should work with Auto Sieves and anything in the "Ex" modpack series.


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