Sky Factory 3 - Can't find Basalt.

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Stromer, Oct 1, 2017.

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    I try to get all Tier 2 Seeds from the Mod Mystical Agriculture. Last three, Marble, Limestone and Basalt I could not find any craftig reciepe. So I ask google and find out, that these ressources can be find in Beneath or mine with Quantum Carry.

    I build a Quantum Carry and mine hours... I got Stacks of Marble and Limestone but not one Basalt.
    Then I go to Beneath and mine and mine. I find much Marbel and Limestone but not one Basalt.

    What do I wrong? Is there not one Basalt? May I find it higher then level 63?

    Please can someone help me? :)

  2. Ieldra

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    Various mods add basalt. As far I can determine, of those mods only Botania and Environmental Tech are in Sky Factory 3, and those mods provide their own ways of acquiring it. I haven't tried to get the Botania version, but you can get the Environmental Tech version by using the Void Resource Miner. I don't think Mystical Agriculture adds seeds for resources from other mods by default. Doing that without approval could impact mod integrity within a pack.
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    Thank you. I build the Void Resource Miner and got Basalt. :)
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    So, I can't find anything else about this. I also acquired basalt through the Void Resource Miner... but, I can't craft the seeds with that Basalt. It almost feels like FTB forgot to integrate that basalt into the recipe - since it seems to be the ONLY basalt you can acquire. As far as I can tell in JEI, there is no Botania Basalt, just Chisel and Environmental Tech.

    I have a simple solution to this however, I am just gonna add it to the shaped recipes script file - I can't see any other way of obtaining the seeds. And the seeds *should be* craftable with any type of basalt anyway.

    **Added these two lines to the recipes files, apparently the chisel basalt can already convert to enviromental tech's version. The Enviromental Tech Basalt already has a recipe with just one basalt block, so I had to make it a shapeless 2:2 recipe. It could be easily changed, however.

    In shapedrecipes.zs

    recipes.addShaped(<mysticalagriculture:basalt_seeds>, [[<environmentaltech:basalt>,<mysticalagriculture:prudentium_essence>,<environmentaltech:basalt>],[<mysticalagriculture:prudentium_essence>,<mysticalagriculture:tier2_crafting_seed>,<mysticalagriculture:prudentium_essence>],[<environmentaltech:basalt>,<mysticalagriculture:prudentium_essence>,<environmentaltech:basalt>]]);

    In shapelessrecipes.zs

    recipes.addShapeless(<chisel:basaltextra:7>*2, [<environmentaltech:basalt>, <environmentaltech:basalt>]);

    You know, I understand its a big ass modpack... but more care should have been put into it. Several mods add items that are already in other mods, such as Refined Storage and Ender IO both have their own versions of silicon. They could have chosen one version and changed all recipes to completely remove the other from the pack. It's funny too, because in the remove.zs file, they remove some things because they are already added by another mod... but here are two instances where that wasn't done. Of course, the blocks do look a bit different I think, so they do add a bit more flavor to have both... I get that, but there should have been more care in conversions and the like. I added a recipe awhile ago to convert refined storage silicon to ender io silicon (not both ways), because ender io silicon is the most widely used one.
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