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Single Player Commands

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Tiwuno, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Tiwuno

    Tiwuno New Member

    Is there any way to install SPC with FTB? Any time I try to install it, the next time I start FTB it downloads a new Minecraft.jar which obviously makes SPC not work. If I cancel the Minecraft.jar download and try to start up FTB, the launcher hangs indefinitely.
  2. wolvyn

    wolvyn Member

    SPC, never heard of you.. you could just enable cheats when you create the sps or spc map if you just trying to be able to do all the / commands
  3. Tiwuno

    Tiwuno New Member

    SPC adds about 60 commands to the game that aren't in it, as well as a single-player version of WorldEdit.
  4. wolvyn

    wolvyn Member

    Ahh well in that case. I would suggest the basics, see if the SPC mod is for the correct version of MC that your FTB modpack is using. Then add it in via the launcher (after you cut paste it to the modpackofyourchoice/mod folder) Other than that Im sorry i can not help.. the few mods ive added to my clients have never had any conflict issues.. SO yeah sorry that I can be more help to you mate
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  5. Tiwuno

    Tiwuno New Member

    Finally figured it out! I'll post the instructions here in case anyone else stumbles across this thread.
    1. Download the manual install version of SPC.
    2. Unzip the file, copy WorldEdit.jar into .minecraft/bin
    3. Open up the FTB launcher, and add the SPC .zip file you downloaded to your jarmods
    4. Enjoy ;)
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  6. wolvyn

    wolvyn Member

    Ill bet you that the non-manual install of SPC actually installed it into your non-ftb minecraft client..
  7. Tiwuno

    Tiwuno New Member

    Nope, it didn't. The automated installation allows you to specify a path which I changed to my FTB directory. :)
  8. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    Automated install will write directly into the minecraft.jar, and that file is overwritten every time. Just put what you would put in the minecraft.jar to the jar mods folder.
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  9. Dulciphi

    Dulciphi Active Member

    Thank you for this. It was exactly what I was looking for
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  10. GamerInTheDark

    GamerInTheDark New Member

    question, can you world edit custom blocks and modded blocks? cause i want to know if i can install it in TFC, my biggest question is if i can add them to the brush or will i have to create something and then copy paste, if it works at all with TFC,
  11. Belleend97

    Belleend97 New Member

    Does this work for the yogcraft modpack as that is the one I use
  12. Bi_Nom

    Bi_Nom New Member

    Thank you so much it functions well and I was looking for a solution all night long... ^^ :)
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