Simple mob farm (exu2 and reliquary)

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Oct 11, 2013
Thought of a really simple mob farm and I thought I would share it.
It uses a few mechanics to function:
Interdiction torch pushing mobs away
Cursed Soil spawn rates/resturbed spawner spawning
Coin of Fortune on pedestal acting as a vacuum hopper
sword on pedestal kill mobs around it​

There are a couple combinations of setups for this mob farm, spawner or soil and sword and/or spike.

The spawner is a 5x5x5 room with a spawner in the middle like so
side view while opened up. interdiction torch placement is critical cause if you move it one block back mobs wont die. This is a resturbed zombie spawner (made by clicking on a normal spawner with a drop of evil)

here is the front view. Note the pedestal has been activated by clicking on the redstone dot
And here it is closed up and in action
This is the chest after about a minute
The soil is a two level design and is 5x5x7 internal
Here it is in action! you can see the experience accumulating. I recommend putting a half slab in behind one of the pedestals so the experience can flow out.

here is the side view and another picture with some clear block levels

the chest after five minutes

And here's the front view. Any sword will do there. i reccomend one with looting cause that's this farms main advantage

You can also use the two killing methods together like so

just a quick thought I had. Hope it helps someone else out. If you are using spikes you can do gold if you want experience out of it or iron if you don't care about getting player drops or a mixture of the three. Whatever you want. I'm not your mother. Go nuts.
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