Open Simple Crusher Bug crashes client


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May 7, 2016

just a bug report - would be nice if someone could verify.
Reproduction was done on 2 different Clients in both, single player and on a server.

Reproducing steps are super-easy (wondering how nobody encountered and reported it yet):

1. Place down a Cursher from Extra Utilities 2. It doesn't need anything attached to it, doesn't even need RF.
2. Place half a stack of Iron Ore into the Crusher
3. Shift-Click any amount of Iron Ore in your inventory that would exceed 64 in the Crusher (33+)
Done. Client freezes, game crashes.

Additionally something very weird is going on when there is already Iron Ore in the Crusher and you place some more into it (that will not crash the game). The amount doesn't change (at leats not visibly), the additional Iron Ore simply disappears into nowhere.

Hope that helps to fix it.


Edit: Since the game freezes completely there are no logs I could find that show anything useful.