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Silverwood Trees Trouble

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Magyk, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Magyk

    Magyk New Member

    Okay, so I've run into an annoying situation. On my own server, I have a sky house, and it's not very near any auras, so I wanted to make my own. So, I used silverwood trees. This is where the problem comes in. I wanted my aura node to be really big, even bigger than the ones in temples and witch huts. So I started gathering and planting silverwood saplings. At that time, I didn't know that when they merge, they produce flux. So I kept doing it, and I noticed the flux getting higher with my goggles of revealing. However, I didn't care too much at first. But then it spawned a lot of wisps, and I got really annoyed. (Note: My aura node never combined with any other nodes at ground level, but all my silverwood tree nodes combined.) Now this is the question, can I somehow decrease the flux but still make the pure aura node bigger with silverwood trees?
  2. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    The benefit of Pure Aura Nodes is they slowly purge themselves of Flux. Yes, you'll generate Flux when a Silverwood tree grows and a new Node spawns, but it'll remove itself eventually. As long as you don't grow a ton of trees all at once, you won't have an issue.
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  3. Magyk

    Magyk New Member

    Okay, thanks a lot, but I was kind of hoping for something that would still allow me to grow silverwoods somewhat frequently. But once again, thanks.
  4. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    You can always initiate flux containment procedures. It's a lot more difficult when you need a lot of vertical space for silverwood trees, but it's possible to contain the nodes so the wisps can't screw your day as easily.
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  5. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering Active Member

    Well the new Hoe of Growth would allow you to grow the trees on demand, given there is a high enough aura around for it to grow in the first place.
  6. Magyk

    Magyk New Member

    But the thing is that when I do that there will be a ton of flux from the nodes combining. And even with the hoe of growth, from my experience, it can take up to 2 hours for a pure aura node to get itself to a minimal flux level. (Might be wrong, never tested it.)
  7. KhrFreak

    KhrFreak Well-Known Member

    still don't grow it too big too fast with the hoe because it'll grab so much from the surrounding aura you can actually prevent it from replenishing itself
  8. Magyk

    Magyk New Member

    Thanks for that advice, that helps a bit on some mistakes I shouldn't make...[DOUBLEPOST=1359699754][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I don't know what a flux containment procedure is, please explain that to me.
  9. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Wisps always spawn directly from a node. Build a room around the node, and you've built a room around all wisp spawns.
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  10. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    Then build you mob death machine of choice to deal with the wisps.
  11. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Plant your trees a bit further from your base- that way the wisps wont see you.

    Building a massive node takes a long time, so TC would of updated- and you can drag the node back with the nether star+crystal mechanic.

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