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Casual Server SilentCraft, Close aussie community (Ultimate)

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Silent, May 5, 2013.

  1. Silent

    Silent New Member

    Hello and welcome to SilentCraft!

    Grand opening in under 24 hours!

    Here we run a very close-knit Australian community, and we are restarting map in under 24 hours, so now would be the perfect time to secure your position for the grand opening!

    Here's a small album to show the kind of stuff we got up to in the first version of the server running MindCrack http://imgur.com/a/gahuK


    2GB RAM
    FTB Ultimate 1.0.2
    Daily server backups
    Fresh map as of 7th of May
    No restrictions / banned items
    Other than PvP (disabled), griefing (insta-ban if enough evidence) or creating ages (Will have some precreated)
    Friendly community
    Active TS3

    If you wish to join the server, please fill out this very short application form!


    Username -
    Where from -
    Age -
    Fine with voice chatting? -

    TeamSpeak IP - silentcraft.us
  2. Silent

    Silent New Member

    Grand opening happening in under 24 hours, secure your position now!

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