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    End of Day

    The Fallen Angels now have someone specific perform the night kill (who can be watched).
    The Champion (can vote extra) has been added, and cannot coexist with the Hunter.
    The Ethereal Light now goes to a random player when it's owner is killed (may or may not be town).
    The Order of Powers was slightly tweaked to allow for the Champion to be blocked.

    Also as a note recaps will vary within a couple hours because I'll be traveling a little bit. The day will still end on time.

    1. Robijnvogel
    2. RealKC
    3. the_j485
    4. fowltief
    5. Pyure
    6. MrMonsterGuy18
    7. 016nojr
    8. Qazplm601
    9. RJS
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  3. erindalc

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  4. erindalc

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  5. the_j485

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    Most intriguing.
  6. fowltief

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    i'm ready to fall in line!
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    Ah, might as well. in. It's certainly been a while, but I'll do my best.
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  12. erindalc

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    I'll let this run for a little while longer.
  13. RJS

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    Sorry, I seem to have been delaying my response.
  14. 016Nojr

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    Nice to have you back! :D
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