[SIGNUPS] A lover's game [Over]


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May 8, 2013
"Two can play that game"

This alternative game of (not really) Mafia has only one role: The Lover.
The only one you can really trust is your partner, with whom you share your win condition, however to be effective, you will probably have to team up with (an) other couple(s).
This is tricky, because each couple needs to make sure that one other person, who they can not vote on, dies, in order to win.
For specifics, see the Rolesheet. (any remarks are still welcome)

The game has started.
I will not be able* to end the day on Tuesday, so the first two days will each last 36 hours.

I hope you'll have fun!

Player list:

0. Someone Else 37
1. Profrags
2. Shazam08
3. 016Nojr
4. Scottly318
5. RJS
6. RealKC
7. Pyure
8. Erindalc
9. Vikestep
10. Bigdbigd03
11. Fowltief​

Game thread
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Someone Else 37

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Feb 10, 2013
Thanks @Someone Else 37, for pinging everyone including me and yourself:p
Heh. It was easiest to just copy the sets of five directly off the organization thread and not bother editing them.

There were three names in the last set of five, so it would still have been the same number of posts if I had eliminated your name and mine; and if I had done so, copying and editing them probably would've taken more than thirty seconds for each post, so it wouldn't have saved me any time.