Open Sidebar toggle buttons disappear when using nether portal



Summary of the problem Sidebar toggle buttons disappear when using nether portal

Pack Version 1.2.0

What is the bug? First noticed on modded server:
Players with OP permissions will lose the sidebar toggle buttons after going through a nether portal. Client settings show toggles are still enabled but the toggle buttons will no longer show on inventory screen.

Tested on modded single player:
After first going through nether portal toggle buttons remained but after going back through nether portal toggle buttons are missing, again client settings show sidebar buttons as enabled.

Created clean profile with no changes: Both server and client
- Tested on single player and server with no changes, same results as above.

Mod & Version Unsure maybe:
- FTBLib-4.2.4
- FTBUtilities-4.2.3

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes, each time player goes through a nether portal - if toggle buttons are showing they will disappear.

Known Fix On servers:
Players still have OP permissions and can get toggles buttons to re-appear by typing command /op <player name>

Unsure of how to get toggle buttons to re-appear on single player.


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